Monday, January 18, 2010

So, I can't seem to keep up with this. I'm a bit of a commitment-phobe. I don't like to do things I feel like I HAVE to do, so from here on out I'm just going to post when I have a random though, which is pretty often, ha. I'm pretty crappy at keeping up with the pictures too.

A random though:
I don't like to take showers. This doesn't mean I don't shower regularly, I do, but I really find showers awful and torturous. Especially first thing in the morning, ugh! I'm all warm and sleepy and no matter how hot I make the shower it's jarring. It doesn't help that I don't like hot showers, I'd much prefer showers that are about the same temperature I am. Anyway I get in the shower and I'm shocked by the water, the cold air swirls around and makes me feel even more cold when I'm soaking wet. Then you are standing in the water and only one side of you can be wet at one time, so the opposite side is freezing in the air. I always have the heater blowing because I hate that part, but I still freeze. It takes about five minutes before I'm warm again all over and I've acclimated to the water.

Then when I'm done and I've turned the water off, my whole self is standing, freezing my butt off (literally!) I get wrapped in the towel, but it's not enough to stop me from shivering.

The worst part is when I've shaved, as soon as I get out of the shower I'm cold and I get goosebumps and then my legs are prickly again. How weird that getting goosebumps causes little pokey hair bits to come up, and my smooth legs are no more.

Anyway, now you can all run screaming because I'm a freak, ha.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Okay, so I'm so no doing well keeping up with this thing. I've taken pictures almost every day, but remembering to get on and post them is the problem.

I'll try to do better tomorrow, I promise.

Friday, January 8, 2010

How many days...I already lost count

This is a picture from Halloween. I'm cheating since I didn't take any pictures today. But doesn't she make a cute Aurora?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today is the first day I'm just going to post picture type stuff, mainly because it is so freezing cold in my house I have no urge to get up and do stuff. I'd rather just sit here and play in photoshop. BRRR. Molly and I have been watching movies, playing with beads and coloring. Tasks where we can stay wrapped up.

So, I pulled up the blinds and set the camera to manual. This pic is SOOC. Nice eye crust there kiddo.

f/2.7 (as low as my camera goes)
exposure 1/125
ISO 400

So I brightened it up, increased contrast, sharpened, and warmed the colors up a little

Then I saturated it a bit more, too much?? I never know. She does look a little sunburned maybe.

The high contrast/saturation was good for a B&W though.

Then I ran an action to make it sepia tone, what do ya think?

So, which one is your favorite? Any pointers? I can't wait till I get an SLR, btw.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I made hot rolls today for the first time. They are pretty good I think. I'm sure I'll improve with time. I always forget about breads when they are rising, oops.

Tonight when it was bathtime Molly went to the bathroom first. Then as soon as I hopped her off the pot and put her in the tub she said she had to go potty again. I thought that was weird and pretty much told her, "um, I don't think you do, you just went." She insisted she did but I didn't get her out of the tub and she didn't pee in the tub so I guess she didn't. Then when Cory was taking her upstairs for bed at 9 she came scooting back down the stairs and hopped up in my lap and said it burned like fire when she peed. Great. So that explains the weird need to pee right after she went. So...we threw coats on and headed to after hours care, because I know UTIs come fast and furious in little kids. She's never had one before and I hope this doesn't start a trend.

So there was nobody at the doc's office and we got right in (hurray!) She talked the doctor's ear off and the doc commented on how well she talked and what a big vocabulary she had for a three year old. The doctor said that her urine sample did have some white blood cells in it so it looked like she had the beginnings of a UTI. Molly being...well, Molly said "hey, you know what white blood cells do??" the doc glanced sideways at us like, uhhh, and said "what?" Molly, very excitedly, because she loves to talk about human body things, said "they suck up all the germs!" I've never seen someone's jaw drop like that, it was hilarious. She was so surprised that Molly knew that. She said she thought we'd be seeing her on the news soon, haha.

So when stopped at Walgreen's and filled her prescription for amoxicillin. Funny, it smells exactly the same as I remember it smelling when I was little.

The weather has deteriorated. It's sleeting and the roads are getting slick. The high tomorrow is supposed to be 17 which is REALLY cold for Oklahoma. The low tomorrow night is supposed to be 1. Just 1. Not 2, but 1. That's crazy.

Here are the pics for today. First pic of Molly after we got home from our late night doctor visit. She's munching on a roll because she swore she was starving.

Second is the chaos that has overtaken our office/playroom since I've been madly trying to de-clutter (de-crap really). I've been trying to consolidate two bookcases into one bookcase. I'm putting away all my school stuff and getting rid of a few books. It's kind of terrible to get rid of books, I'm a big book lover, but we have SOOO many books for Molly and some she's outgrown, like boardbooks. So I went through her boardbooks and kept ten of my (and her) favorites and Goodwill-ed the rest. I have so much of her stuff that she can't use any more and while I want to save it for a future child on one hand, on the other hand I'm failing miserably at getting pregnant and I can't stand having so much stuff in my house!

A surefire way to get pregnant is to get rid of all the baby stuff, right??

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5

Molly wanted to "wash dishes" tonight. Mostly it's taking clean dishes and playing in the water, but she has fun so no biggy.

Cor decided to get all artistic with the CandyLand, that's my husband.

Molly ended up soaking her shirt washing dishes so she spent the rest of the evening shirtless. Her and Daddy played a rousing game of Candyland while I read the Pioneer Woman's blog from 2006-2007. I'm on a kick.

Ha, I messed up Cor's hair and then took a pic. He looks all angsty and annoyed :-P

I baked today. I made wheat bread, which I used to think was hard...before I did it and now I know it's not :-)

Two of my BFFs for making bread. I use 1/2 whole wheat flour so the vital wheat gluten helps it become fluffier, since wheat bread likes to be denser and flatter than white bread. I've also found bread flour helps the texture a bit too.

Anyhoo, Molly went back to school this morning and had a great time. She loves school. I had a nice time vegetating on the couch, and taking a nice long shower.

It's supposed to get crazy cold Thursday and Friday, especially for Oklahoma. We are talking highs around 15 and lows around 4. Our heater is going to get a workout for sure. I know...I'm the most fascinating person on the planet. I want to be clever and funny, I do.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4, 361 days to go.

It was another emotion filled day. I didn't get that job I was hoping for, and it was a pretty upsetting blow. I don't want to talk too much about it though. I'm going to try and focus on the blessings I have in my life.

Anyway pics are of Cory making Ghirardelli (sp?) brownies we got at Target tonight. BTW I'm taking pics with a Canon S5 IS, a point and shoot that is just below an SLR, but still a point and shoot. It has some pretty good features though. We are planning on getting an SLR sometime this year, and I'm really looking forward to it. I end up using flash because oddly enough the pics are better with flash than higher ISO, past 400 our camera gets REALLY grainy and I guess I prefer blown out pics than super grainy pics.

Brownie mix, yum. Also yay for macro setting!

All mixed and being poured into the dish.

The aftermath.

Just a cute, albeit blown out, snapshot of Molly while she was playing with pennies...before the brownie mix mayhem.